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Our Services

Managed Services

Managed network services offer all-inclusive, flat-rate technical service contracts.

Network Security

We offer server operating system updates and security checks to provide you with a higher baseline security level.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your data is safe from fire, floods, storms, viruses, hackers, hardware malfunctions, and human error.

VoIP Services

Stay connected more easily.  Our simple set-up process will have you making and receiving VoIP calls in minutes.

Mobile Solutions

Comprehensive monitoring and management for all of your company mobile devices.

Cloud Services

Convenient, on-demand access to your data from virtually anywhere

Who We Are

With over 600 active clients in the very same industry as yours, we know your processes, opportunities and potential pitfalls even before we shake your hand “hello”.  We help small and mid-sized businesses stabilize their IT environment allowing for consistent and reliable budget planning and cost savings.  We are the fully-staffed IT department you wish you had, without the overhead. 

Our teams are structured so you receive a personal experience each time we interact.  Let us speak your industry language and share our expertise with technology, business … and people.

With traditional IT support, businesses use their network until something breaks and then call in the experts to fix or replace what broke.  This reactive model of dealing with your IT problems is a surefire path to downtime and excessive spending on IT support, not to mention major disruptions to staff, sales, production, and so on.

Our Total Care service delivers fast, affordable support from technicians who are professional, courteous, and reliable… and above all,   for a flat monthly fee that covers everything.

Success for Common Sense Solutions is NOT PROFITING from the failures in your IT environment. Success for Common Sense Solutions is PREVENTING computer problems from escalating into unexpected downtime, lost data, interruptions in business, and financial loss.

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