Almost every company has unique technology needs due to the diverse services they provide. Without building your own custom solution — which is prohibitively expensive — solving those needs often ends up as spreadsheets, or as separate software programs that don’t talk to ComputerEase. Neither of those options is very efficient.

We have been working to create additional options for our clients by building customized add-ins that work directly with ComputerEase. We have not been great at letting you know about these solutions so that you can determine if they might be a fit for your business, so we’re going to start highlighting one solution in each of our newsletters going forward.

For example, we’ve built an integrated solution to address the unique needs of any company that has jobs and also has to track service history and schedule maintenance for their customers. Depending on the volume and complexity of your service, ComputerEase might be just fine. But if your needs are more complex, our solution covers all interactions with your customers in one centralized place.

For example, each interaction has unique software needs – estimate management and job costing for installation, scheduling and billing for inspections, parts and time collection on service calls, to name just a few. The overriding principle of our integrated solution is eliminating duplicate data entry.

Some key features include:

  • Create job quotes, or import quotes from customized spreadsheets.
  • Track quotes and view a pipeline by salesperson and/or estimator, and see
    quote history by customer.
  • View all customer interactions in one place – calls, emails, documents, etc.
  • Create change orders and deficiency quotes from the field.
  • Dispatch service or job work orders to techs directly to their smartphone.
  • Track installed equipment
  • Manage service contracts

These features are on top of the construction specific CRM functions for targeted marketing, sales pipeline management and reporting by project opportunity. Every part of this solution is seamlessly integrated with ComputerEase — no duplicate data entry!

Here are some benefits from implementing our custom ComputerEase add-in:


Field technicians and sales staff who need to quickly create a quote and receive approval can do so in the field using our web app.

Revenue increased when quoted work orders were generated in the field. Customers who receive online quotes approve them three times faster than from email attachments or via snail-mail.


Automated triggers and workflows improve the start-up and ongoing monitoring of jobs. Information collected during the estimating process is readily available to all project staff when the job is awarded.


All equipment can be assigned warranties and contracts by location, so you will always know what each location has covered and for how long, even if ownership changes.

Customers are impressed with quicker dispatching of inbound calls. Their calls get answered, scheduled, and the entire team knows what’s going on in just a few clicks.

For more details or to receive a demo, please give us a call at 888-523-2568 or email to