Become A Better Public Speaker With This App
Americans are terrified of public speaking. In fact, in most surveys about our fears, talking in front of a crowd far outranks even our fear of dying. But if you, like millions of others, break out in a cold sweat when you imagine giving a speech, you’re in luck. There’s an app for that.

Developed during the Disrupt San Francisco Hackathon, Vocalytics is a comprehensive project dedicated to building an AI that will teach you to be a better public speaker. The ultimate goal is to develop a virtual trainer that can give feedback even better than what you’d get from a professional speaking coach.

The app – called Orai – uses machine learning to analyze your body language as you speak, ensuring that every word hits home. When paired with speech analysis project, you can take concrete steps toward killing it in front of any crowd. 9/17/2017

Top Tech Accessories To Make Your Life Easier
The best gadgets help us navigate our lives with ease, making particular processes that much more hassle-free. With technology, it’s often the little things that make all the difference in the world. Take AUKEY’s car phone mount, for instance. At only $7.99 on Amazon, there’s no reason you should be fumbling with your iPhone while you’re using Google Maps on a road trip. The clip attaches directly to any air vent, putting your phone front and center for easy viewing and reducing the need for dangerous fiddling.

Or, pair an Amazon Echo with the Tp-Link Smart Plug Mini ($29.99), which allows you to activate all kinds of devices with your voice or your phone. It’s the perfect first step toward a smarter home and a world of convenience.

If you’ve got a phone that’s always dying, hook it up to an Anker battery case, which can extend the battery life of most phones by as much as 120%.
For more small-scale tech solutions, check out Business Insider’s list of “50 must-have tech accessories under $50.” 9/28/2017