Thanks so much for fixing everything for us, you did a wonderful job!   You are the first computer company who did not intimidate me and make me feel like a loser.
Tracey Barnes, Spiegel & Cahill, P.C.
Thank you Sara, you're the best.   I know I should have been able to get this straight, but I am glad to know that you and all the others at CSS are there to help when needed. By the way, I would like to tell you that we are very pleased with all the computer support CSS provides us and I think it was one of the best decisions we've made to partner with CSS for our computer needs.   All I can say is THANK YOU and please keep up the great work.
Anthony Farace, Amari & Locallo
Support For The Paranoid:  As I’m working through new stuff, like lien waivers, I feel very comfortable calling support with questions.  I’m a paranoid person, and the support line is my reassurance that I’m not doing anything wrong.  As a new user, I need that calming effect.
Shannon Bartch, Bartch Roofing
“I can’t say enough about Common Sense Solutions. One reason we went with you is because you have local training available, and that’s important to us. The initial training we received was great, as is the ongoing support. Not only do I get a quick response, I get a satisfactory response. The staff knows their stuff. Our outside CPA has called with questions on a number of occasions, and he was extremely impressed. That says something when experts in their field can be impressed, too. It’s great that you also have knowledgeable technical support as part of the team. We had a problem with our backup and were worried about losing critical data. Your staff was able to help us restore the missing data so nothing was lost. Having that kind of support is invaluable. Even if I don’t need you every day or every month, I know that support is there. You’re my backup team for day-to-day, in-house problems as well as helping me to learn.”
Gail Kabel, Shelton Construction
“When my employees are happy, I’m happy. And I’m happier when I know I can focus on things other than IT. I tell everyone, don’t try to do it yourself, call CSS. If you do it yourself you’ll only make it worse! CSS’s help desk phone and remote support are invaluable services since my staff doesn’t have to spend time on it. We no longer have hardware problems like we used to have where viruses forced us to throw away $2,000 notebooks because we couldn’t wipe them clean. The cost savings from a data recovery perspective alone has been significant. Even in the unfortunate circumstance where a couple of my salesmen’s notebooks were stolen, I didn’t have to worry about recovering them. Now I have a spare notebook, and can get it restored and back up and running in no time.”
John Dolan, Thermosystems, Inc.